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Norint Norsk – A1.1 Track 2

Ny i Norge - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk A2.2 – Track 2

Ny i Norge - A2 - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk B1.1 – Track 2

Mer Norsk - B1 Norwgian learning book



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Norint norsk B2.1 – Track 2

Det går bra! - B2 Norwgian learning book


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  • Monolitten, Vigelandsparken

    Monolitten, Vigelandsparken
    Monolitten er en steinsøyle plassert i Vigelandsparken i Oslo og ble ferdigstilt av Gustav Vigeland i 1943. Søylen, som består av 121 figurer, står på Vigelandsparkens høyeste punkt.

  • Trondheim By

    Trondheim By
    Trondheim (tidligere Nidaros og Trondhjem) er en bykommune i Sør-Trøndelag, og den tredje mest folkerike kommunen og byen i Norge med sine 179 123 innbyggere.

  • Ålesund By

    Ålesund By
    Ålesund er en kommune og by på Sunnmøre i Møre og Romsdal fylke. Byen er verdens største eksporthavn for klippfisk og har en travel fiskerihavn midt i sentrum med salg av fersk fisk.

  • Koldalen

    Vakker norsk natur, med høye fjell og dype daller som faller ned i sjøen. Her ser vi Koldalen, sett her fra kajakk.

School regulations 2015/2016

  • Course registration is binding, if you wish to resign from your course 7 days prior to the course start-up date then there is a cancellation fee of 50 euro to be paid. If you resign from you course less than seven days before the course start-up then there is a cancellation fee of 40% of your course fee.
  • If you do not attend your course without any notification to us, we will not offer any refund.
  • If a course does not start due to the minimum number of students not being reached or for any other reason that is not within the control of the student then we will refund the course fee in full. Alternatively, offer the student the option to join a similar course if this is satisfactory for the student.
  • Students must make sure that their computer/laptop, programs and internet meet with the minimum standards for joining our courses. If you are unsure then please book a test meeting or buy a single lesson before buying a complete course.
  • Students are expected to be present in at least 75% of the course, being absent from a group course slows down the learning curve for the students that are present as the teacher will need to repeat the course material. If a student is not present then it is up to the student to read the slides and information for the lesson before the next meeting.
  • Private students that do not notify us prior to not attending their lesson will be charged for the first 45 minutes of teaching time.
  • Students are expected to be punctual both in our online classroom and in our stationary classrooms. Being late disturbs the other students in the classroom.
  • Students are expected to act in a respectful way towards other students and towards employees of Norint.
  • Online students in groups are not permitted to have mobile phones next to or near their computer due to the disturbance, the mobile signals often have on the computer. This will in turn be broadcasted via the internet to all the students in the classroom.
  • Mobile phone are to be in silent mode in stationary classrooms.
  • If course materiel is not included in the course then the student is obliged to attain obligatory material before the course starts.
  • All online students must have headsets
  • All students are required to take an assessment test before the first lesson of their course and in some cases, the instructor may also require an interview with the students to insure correct placement of students. This is included in the course fee.
  • Online students are required to familiarise themselves with our online platform, classroom and any third party applications that we offer as part of the course. It is important that this is done before the course start up if you are in a group.
  • Online students that see they are having any trouble using the platform or classroom are obliged to contact our staff before the course start up so that any issues can be addressed by our support staff before course start up.
  • All online students must be present on the first day of their course or give written notification as to why they are not present. We may offer a lesson for students that are not present due to a valid reason. Students that are not present and do not notify us will be removed from the course and have their accounts closed with us.
  • Smoking is forbidden on the schools property/grounds
  • All use of alcohol or other illegal substances is forbidden on the schools property/grounds
  • All use of alcohol or other illegal substances is forbidden during or before attending our internet courses