A1 - entry level

As part of the course, we provide:

  • 54 individual lessons (45 minutes) with an online teacher,
  • permanent access to the educational platform, level A1,
  • educational materials (tests, games, digital flashcards),
  • access to “Ny and Norge” teaching materials and the latest version of the e-book (digital) as well as audio files.


The estimated total duration of the course is 94 hours (including own work time).

Course details:

This course has been prepared for people who are starting to learn Norwegian. It is built on the basis of the language learning and general public knowledge program for adults (“Lærerplan i norsk og samfunnskunnskap dla voksne”) established by VOX (Norwegian Agency for Education at the Ministry of Education). This course is the first step towards passing the official Norwegian language examinations: Norskprøve 2 (A2) and Norskprøve 3 (B1).

The A1 level course includes learning to understand the Norwegian alphabet, creating basic sentence structures, linguistic expressions, and simple statements about yourself and your everyday environment. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to participate in routine interviews at the entry-level.

We offer the A1 beginners’ course with teachers who speak the following languages: Polish, English, German.

For additional language options, please contact us.

Requirements to be met in order to take part in the A1 course:

  • ability to read and write fluently in your mother tongue,
  • good knowledge of the Latin alphabet,
  • there is no need to have any knowledge of Norwegian.


If you do not belong to the group of people who meet the above requirements, please see our; Introductory Course – Alfabetiseringskurs.

Beginner Course Objectives:

  • learning the Norwegian alphabet ,
  • learning to recognize and pronounce sounds typical of Norwegian ,
  • understand short phrases that are related to family and daily life
  • understanding and ability to create simple questions,
  • the ability to express your own life experiences very simply,
  • understanding statements about simple everyday activities,
  • Ability to provide short and simple information on familiar topics,
  • ability to have a simple conversation about oneself, family and everyday life,
  • ability to read short, simple texts, adapted to the level of learning,
  • the ability to understand and provide personal data,
  • ability to compose and send simple text messages (SMS) in Norwegian.

The A1 level course focuses primarily on mastering the basic communication skills in Norwegian, on topics related to everyday life, family, home, and health. The next basic issues concern the use of transport, post office, shops, schools, etc. Due to time constraints, this course introduces you to the above issues at a very basic level. However, if the student wants to focus on a topic and elaborate on it in more detail, it is possible. However, you should inform your teacher about such an individual need during the first classes.