preparatory course

Norwegian language preparation course

As part of the course, we provide:

  • 20 individual lessons (45 minutes) with an online teacher,
  • permanent access to the educational platform
  • educational materials (tests, games, digital flashcards),
  • access to “Ny and Norge” teaching materials and e-book (digital textbook)

Course details:

The estimated total duration of the course is 64 hours (including your own work).

The preparatory course has been designed for people who have had no previous contact with the Norwegian language and have an only basic education in their mother tongue. In this course, students will gain a basic understanding of reading and writing in Norwegian as well as preparation for the next stage of the study, A1 Standard Course.

The introductory course has been designed to provide a good basis for further language learning.
It focuses on the spoken language, understanding the structures of the Norwegian alphabet, mastering basic vocabulary and sentence structures. The teacher also acquaints with the methods and strategies of learning to help the student learn a new language as effectively as possible.

Please note that this is not a standard course. Students should choose it if they:

  • have difficulty writing and reading in their mother tongue,
  • are dyslexic then this course will give them a good start
  • have no literacy skills,
  • come from a country that does not use the Latin alphabet or does not know the Latin alphabet.


Alphabetiseringskurs is possible with teachers who speak the following languages: English, German, Polish, French, and Portuguese.

For additional language options, please contact us.

Basic objectives of the course:

  • learning to use the Norwegian alphabet,
  • learning to recognize and pronounce sounds typical of the Norwegian language
  • understand short phrases related to family and everyday life,
  • understanding and ability to form simple sentences,
  • creating simple questions in an understandable way
  • the ability to express your own life experiences very simply,
  • developing techniques for learning a foreign language,
  • acquire the necessary skills to be able to learn Norwegian , having first mastered the basic grammar rules.