individual lessons


  • individual Norwegian lessons are intended for people who value an individual learning process
  • their level and frequency are adjusted to the personal needs and abilities of the students
  • it is possible to adjust the scope of the taught material to the interests and needs of the student, e.g. learning a professional language (medical, construction, etc.)
  • the teacher’s attention is 100% focused on the student, who thus masters the material faster and more confidently
  • this type of lesson also allows you to create a flexible schedule of classes, after setting the date of the first lesson, the student, in consultation with the teacher, decides on the dates of the next meetings


Polish lector Native Speaker
1 lesson (45 minutes) PLN 95 105 PLN
package of 10 lessons PLN 900 1000 PLN
20 lessons package PLN 1700 PLN 1900
Course 54 lessons PLN 4320 PLN 4860

Price includes:

  • permanent access to the educational platform and digital textbook during the learning period
  • lessons with an experienced teacher (native speaker or Polish teacher)
  • all study materials
  • great flexibility in scheduling lesson times
  • individual approach to the needs of each student and their pace of learning
  • the possibility of learning a trade language, depending on the student’s needs
  • preparation for a selected state examination
  • after graduation, further possibility of using the resources of our platform free of charge for a period of 6 or 12 months, depending on the number of lessons taken (students who have taken up to 50 lessons – 6 months, students who have completed more than 50 lessons – 12 months)
  • course completion certificate in Norwegian