Who are we?

We are a language school specializing in teaching Norwegian online. We offer interesting, effective, high-quality online courses conducted by experienced teachers. You can adjust the time and pace of learning to your needs. Our online courses take place via an easy-to-use educational platform and Skype. Each lesson is conducted by a teacher in real-time. Our teachers focus especially on learning the spoken language, correct pronunciation, and accent, and breaking down barriers in speaking.

What makes us different?

A school created by a Norwegian
A special educational platform
Prices include study materials
Flexible scheduling of lessons

Our offers

Individual lessons

The most flexible and tailored form of lessons, dedicated to people who value individual learning. Flexible schedule of classes, determined on an ongoing basis in consultation with the teacher. The possibility of learning industry language and choosing the teacher with which will work best with the student.

Offer ``for two``

A cheaper option than individual lessons, which still retains a very intimate character. A great alternative for families or friends who want to learn together and motivate each other to learn. Possibility to set convenient times of lessons and learning pace for both course participants.

Group courses

The most economical option for learning is in small groups (3-5 people). During the lesson, students meet in a common, virtual class, which gives the opportunity for interaction and mutual motivation. Each course participant has access to the e-platform. The courses are held at fixed times.

Conversations with native speakers

This offer is dedicated to people who already know the basics of Norwegian, but need to break down the communication barriers. During the conversation, native Norwegian teachers focus mainly on developing vocabulary, practicing proper pronunciation and accent.

Specialised courses for companies

We invite companies that want to organize Norwegian language courses for their employees to cooperate with us. We will create an offer for you, tailored to your individual needs. We have extensive experience in conducting courses for employees representing various industries.

Norskprøve and Bergenstest exams

We offer preparation lessons for the official Norwegian language exams. Our teachers have extensive experience in conducting classes in terms of exam requirements, as well as practical knowledge, which is worth paying attention to when taking the selected exam.

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