B1 - intermediate level

As part of the course, we provide:

  • 54 individual lessons (45 minutes) with an online teacher,
  • access to “Mer Norsk” teaching materials and e-book (digital textbook),
  • permanent access to the educational platform, level B1,
  • educational materials (tests, games, digital flashcards).

Course details:

The B1 course has been prepared for people who have completed the Norwegian course at lower intermediate A2 level. Before enrolling in the course, each student is asked to complete a language proficiency test . Its results serve as a guide for the teacher in individual student guidance. In order to more accurately determine the level of the student’s knowledge, it may be necessary to interview the student.

The B1 level course was created as a continuation of the A2 course, also based on the Norwegian language learning program and general social knowledge for adults (Lærerplan and norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne ”) established by VOX (Norwegian Agency for Education at the Ministry of Education).

The intermediate-level course focuses the student’s attention on consolidating and expanding the previously acquired knowledge. It includes the study of sentence structures, the increasingly complex expressions of everyday life, as well as learning to read, write and use Norwegian in practice . In addition, the student gets to know better social customs and lifestyle in Norway. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to participate in routine interviews at an intermediate level. It is also the basis for preparation for the official Norskprøve 3 exam.

The duration of the course (54 hours) listed below covers the number of lessons per course, however mastering the entire material at level B1 may require more time. It is an individual matter.

The estimated total duration of the course is 144 hours (including own work time).

Intermediate B1 course is available with teachers who speak the following languages: Polish, English.

For additional language options, please contact us.

Requirements to be met in order to take part in the B1 course:


  • completion of the Norwegian language course at A2 level,
  • acquiring knowledge of Norwegian corresponding to the A2 level.

Course Objectives at Intermediate Level:

  • the student’s ability to understand clearly communicated messages regarding matters known to him or her at home, work, school, etc.
  • Acquiring a vocabulary rich enough to be able to deal with topics of everyday life
  • being able to pronounce most Norwegian words clearly and intelligibly,
  • better and better ability to conduct a fluent conversation, interrupted, however, by searching for the right words and grammatical structures,
  • the ability to correctly use the most frequently used grammatical patterns that have been repeatedly practiced (the student should master the ability to use adverbs of time, definite and indefinite prefixes in order to precisely construct an utterance),
  • the ability to express one’s preferences and exchange information directly.