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Why learn Norwegian?

Demo courses

Norint Norsk – A1.1 Track 2

Ny i Norge - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk A2.2 – Track 2

Ny i Norge - A2 - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk B1.1 – Track 2

Mer Norsk - B1 Norwgian learning book



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Norint norsk B2.1 – Track 2

Det går bra! - B2 Norwgian learning book


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  • Monolitten, Vigelandsparken

    Monolitten, Vigelandsparken
    Monolitten er en steinsøyle plassert i Vigelandsparken i Oslo og ble ferdigstilt av Gustav Vigeland i 1943. Søylen, som består av 121 figurer, står på Vigelandsparkens høyeste punkt.

  • Trondheim By

    Trondheim By
    Trondheim (tidligere Nidaros og Trondhjem) er en bykommune i Sør-Trøndelag, og den tredje mest folkerike kommunen og byen i Norge med sine 179 123 innbyggere.

  • Ålesund By

    Ålesund By
    Ålesund er en kommune og by på Sunnmøre i Møre og Romsdal fylke. Byen er verdens største eksporthavn for klippfisk og har en travel fiskerihavn midt i sentrum med salg av fersk fisk.

  • Koldalen

    Vakker norsk natur, med høye fjell og dype daller som faller ned i sjøen. Her ser vi Koldalen, sett her fra kajakk.


Student learning Norwegian online

All online courses are conducted using a specially prepared learning platform, combined with the support of our teachers in the interactive classrooms. We do not only teach grammar, and vocabulary we also focus on the proper use of phrases and grammatical structures. Their correct pronunciation and stress verified by the teacher who will accompany you during the lessons. We put a lot of input on the alive, spoken language and encourage students to use it as much as possible.

Online courses are a superb choice for people, who have a busy schedule, live in an area without course offers, prefer one on one lessons or simply prefer to learn in their own time, at home.

What do we offer with the online courses:

  • access to our educational platform
  • lessons with one of our Native Speakers or highly qualify teachers
  • all the necessary online teaching materials
  • flexibility, times of lessons are often set individually
  • individual attitude to each student, depending on their possibilities and speed of learning
  • interactive virtual classroom for teacher based lessons


Teachers conduct lessons using a state-of-the-art video conferencing online technology. Upon registration with our company or our associate company, students receive a username and password, which will be required to gain entry to the course material.

The lesson content is delivered by a combination of voice, video, screen sharing and "shared whiteboard" technology. Live video enables students to see the instructor during the lessons, and likewise the instructor can see the students who have a web cam enabled (optional). Teachers and students can communicate using the microphones on their PC headsets on the 3 way sound bridge, meaning everyone in the classroom can hear the other participants in the room.

The multimedia course content includes PowerPoint presentations, video clips, audio segments, pictures, text, and much more. Additionally, students and teacher can surf the web together to learn about a timely topic in real-time.

Teaching and learning online



Additional information:

Our teachers all speak English. However, we also have Polish, German, and French speaking teachers, for students that do not speak any English. Courses generally run using Norwegian, however, in some cases we may need to use the students own language to clarify matters. Therefore, knowledge of English at an intermediate level or one of the other languages can be particularly useful.