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Demo courses

Norint Norsk – A1.1 Track 2

Ny i Norge - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk A2.2 – Track 2

Ny i Norge - A2 - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk B1.1 – Track 2

Mer Norsk - B1 Norwgian learning book



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Norint norsk B2.1 – Track 2

Det går bra! - B2 Norwgian learning book


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  • Monolitten, Vigelandsparken

    Monolitten, Vigelandsparken
    Monolitten er en steinsøyle plassert i Vigelandsparken i Oslo og ble ferdigstilt av Gustav Vigeland i 1943. Søylen, som består av 121 figurer, står på Vigelandsparkens høyeste punkt.

  • Trondheim By

    Trondheim By
    Trondheim (tidligere Nidaros og Trondhjem) er en bykommune i Sør-Trøndelag, og den tredje mest folkerike kommunen og byen i Norge med sine 179 123 innbyggere.

  • Ålesund By

    Ålesund By
    Ålesund er en kommune og by på Sunnmøre i Møre og Romsdal fylke. Byen er verdens største eksporthavn for klippfisk og har en travel fiskerihavn midt i sentrum med salg av fersk fisk.

  • Koldalen

    Vakker norsk natur, med høye fjell og dype daller som faller ned i sjøen. Her ser vi Koldalen, sett her fra kajakk.

Intermediate Norwegian language course B1 - Small group study

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Norwegian online language course  –  Small group study (3-4 people in a group)

This course is design for those students that have completed an A2 Norwegian language course or that have obtained a level of Norwegian that corresponds with A2. All students are asked to complete a language assessment test before starting any of our courses. This test will be used as a guide for us to place you in a group with similar language skills and to confirm that you are at the correct level to join this group, you may also be asked to have a short interview with one of our instructors to find the correct placement. The course is designed and created to follow the Curriculum of Norwegian and Social studies for adults (Lærerplan i norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne) laid down by VOX. This course is the third step on the way to passing the official national language test Norskprøve 3 (B1).

This course will focus on building on the Norwegian you have already learnt from the A2 level, word structures and sentence structures as well as grasping and using day-to-day Norwegian expressions, you will learn to read, write and speak Norwegian. In addition, you will also learn a lot about the Norwegian Social studies and life style in Norway. On completion of a B1 level course, (you may need more than 54 hours to complete all the B1 materiel) you will be able to prepare for Norskprøve 3.

Included in the course:

  • 54 hours of small group study based online lessons
  • Access to our online platform B1 track 2 course information
  • Learning materials, games, flash cards and more
  • One years access to "Mer Norsk" learning materials online along with the newest digital text book, word lists and sound files
  • Tests and exams used by the instructor
  • This materials offer you over 100 hours of self study time
  • Final written evaluation of your performance
  • You will receive a Certificate of completion by mail*
  • Free computer headset **If required by student


Total estimated study time for this course is 144 hours including self study time.


Please note that all students on this level should have the following qualifications:

  • You should have completed an A2 level Norwegian course or
  • You should have obtained a level of Norwegian that corresponds with A2


If you do not belong to this group of students, then please look at one of our other courses or contact us to take a language test to find the course that would be best suited for your needs.
At this level, we have teachers available that speak: English, German and Polish. If the student does not speak one of the above languages then please contact us for more option.

Short list of objectives for Norint Norsk B1 Spor 2

  • The student will be able to understand clearly communicated speech about topics that the student knows from work, school, family life and personal life
  • The student will have a large enough vocabulary to communicate about their daily life, even if they may have trouble with formulation due to the limited vocabulary at this point.
  • The student will be able to pronounce most Norwegian words clearly and in an understandable way.
  • The student should be able to communicate with relative fluency even if the student will still need to break to search for words and the correct forms of the words
  • The student will have trained in frequently used grammatical patterns and will be able to use these correctly. The student should be able to use and understand adverbs of time, defined and undefined forms as well as some other grammatical usage of the language to be able to communicate the information they wish to share in a way that is understandable and joined
  • The student will be able to communicate about know topics such as personal interests. The student should be able to hold a conversation even if the student may need to reformulate and repeat himself or herself often.


Certificate of completion*

All participants in our courses will receive a Certificate of completion once the course has finish. However to receive a Certificate of completion you are required to participate in at least 80% of the entire course and pass exams used by the instructor.