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Why learn Norwegian?

Demo courses

Norint Norsk – A1.1 Track 2

Ny i Norge - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk A2.2 – Track 2

Ny i Norge - A2 - Norwgian learning book


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Norint Norsk B1.1 – Track 2

Mer Norsk - B1 Norwgian learning book



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Norint norsk B2.1 – Track 2

Det går bra! - B2 Norwgian learning book


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  • Monolitten, Vigelandsparken

    Monolitten, Vigelandsparken
    Monolitten er en steinsøyle plassert i Vigelandsparken i Oslo og ble ferdigstilt av Gustav Vigeland i 1943. Søylen, som består av 121 figurer, står på Vigelandsparkens høyeste punkt.

  • Trondheim By

    Trondheim By
    Trondheim (tidligere Nidaros og Trondhjem) er en bykommune i Sør-Trøndelag, og den tredje mest folkerike kommunen og byen i Norge med sine 179 123 innbyggere.

  • Ålesund By

    Ålesund By
    Ålesund er en kommune og by på Sunnmøre i Møre og Romsdal fylke. Byen er verdens største eksporthavn for klippfisk og har en travel fiskerihavn midt i sentrum med salg av fersk fisk.

  • Koldalen

    Vakker norsk natur, med høye fjell og dype daller som faller ned i sjøen. Her ser vi Koldalen, sett her fra kajakk.

Innovative global cultural and language training to reshape your future

In today's world, it is easier than ever to reach across boundaries. The general internet environment offers extensive opportunities-but these are only available to those who have the right skills to take advantage of them. We aim to help both individuals and businesses improve the language and cultural skills necessary for success across these boundaries.

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Norint offers a broad portfolio of curriculum's that includes:

  • E-learning from anywhere in the world
  • Individual language instruction
  • Group language instruction
  • Language assessment and testing services
  • Children and youths' programmes
  • Senior programmes


There may be many reasons for learning a new language or enhancing your communication and cultural skills, travel, career development and personal interest just to mention a few of the most common. Whatever your goals, we aim to assist you meet them – at your own convenience. Whether you prefer to learn in a virtual classroom with other students, a self-paced online program or a combination, then this is available to you from the comfort of your home or office, we offer a programme that is just right for you.

We aim to offer a full range of language training courses meeting the schedule and learning goals of individual students. We have courses available for Norwegian, Swedish and Polish as our main focus areas. However, we also offer courses in English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Whether one is a beginner or an advanced student, our highly trained, native-fluent instructors are devoted to seeing your success. They have the expertise to build students confidence and keep them motivated in their learning process.

Our teaching goals, and what you should expect:

  • Language instruction available in many languages
  • Online platform, delivery-face-to-face, instructor-led & self-study or a dual option
  • Personal attention
  • Flexible and innovative programmes
  • High-quality course materials and customized programmes
  • Private and small group instruction


In the global marketplace of today, Norint is a company, which focuses on offering professional lessons and courses in foreign languages, with the ability to communicate becoming more and more essential. The Company's name is an abbreviation of Norwegian International Language School. When Norint was started, the main aim was to help teach those who were planning to travel to Norway, to work or just for a short stay so that they would be able to achieve better jobs and integrate better with the Norwegian culture. This is still extremely important to us and; therefore, we offer various types of intensive courses in the Norwegian language, both: online as well as stationary courses. People interested in working in Norway are obliged to learn at least the basics of Norwegian if they wish to stay in Norway.